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Educate yourself and others on your leather journey.

welcome to onyx lone star

The purpose of the website is to give you, our viewers, acccess to everything Leather/Kink/BDSM related. As a chapter for the Men of Onyx, we share the same pillars of the organization as a whole.  By iteracting with the page and its members its our hope that you have a successful Leather journey.


  • Resources can be found uner the research tab. This will incude suggestive reading and covid friendly zoom classes to attend. Also access to pre-recorded demos on various


  • There's no such thing as "I can't handle that" if you don't even try. Allow the brothers of Onyx Lone Star empower you on your journey by seeing strong confident men of all shapes, sizes and skill levels.


  • Now that you have all the tools to be successful, get out there and explore. Be sure to vet anyone you decide to play with. Join us at our bar nights, volunteer when we do charity work, follow us one Facebook and Twitter and most of all HAVE FUN!!!


partners & Sponsors

It's great to have friends in the community.  These partners and sponsors are important to us!  Check out their information.


Dallas Eagle

Dallas Eagle is our home bar in Dallas, TX.



Ripcord is our home bar in Houston, TX.


The Hidden Door-Dallas

The Hidden Door is another bar we partner with in the Dallas, Tx area


Round-Up Saloon

Round-up is a great Saloon in Dallas, TX.


Sidewinders / Eagle

Sidewinders S4200 with ABQ Eagle is our home bar in Albuquerque, NM.

From our BLog

Our BLOG page holds a growing number of articles on various topics of interest for the Onyx community.  Here are a few of the more recent posts.

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