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Membership in Onyx is typically controlled by the chapter for the state in which you reside.   Lone Star chapter covers Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  Each chapter sets their own detailed rules for membership, although they are generally similar.   If you live in a different state, see the chapters here.

Advice BEFORE becoming a member

Before you apply for membership in this, or any organization, we suggest you learn and explore the organization and what it does.   Here are a few ideas of how you might do that with Onyx Lone Star:

  • Reach out to an Onyx Lone Star member with a proper introduction of your interest in the organization and chapter via social media and or during a local, regional or national event.  Ask questions.

  • Consider researching Onyx  at the national website, this website, in social media and by asking others.  Check out their prior, present and future goals in the Leather culture.

  • Openly and honestly convey your interest in the chapter, the organization and interests in the Leather culture.

  • Openly and honestly convey (if understood) your personal interest in fetish, kink and BDSM play.  Ask questions.

  • Attend local, regional and national events, when possible, where Onyx Lone Star members are attending or hosting.

  • Have appropriate conversation regarding any questions, concerns or comments regarding the organization, the chapter and/or the culture with its members until you are completely satisfied with the answers.

  • Volunteer to help with the setup and breakdown at events, success of the event outcomes, and/or volunteer to help with fetish demonstrations (demos).


There are a number of membership types in most Onyx chapters.  The ​most common types for those new to Onyx to consider are these:​


Open only to Men of Color (Black, African American, Hispanic, Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, etc.) with intention of active participation. They receive voting rights, eligible for elective offices and a seat as a representative at formal business meetings. They must not be a full member of any other club of this type. Leasing of colors (large and small) granted. Initiation and yearly fees apply. 



Open only to Men of Color living within the Southwest region who are also in good standing shall be entitled to attend all meetings and other functions of the organization, however, Pledges may be asked to withdraw during certain discussions. Pledges do not have any voting rights within the organization.  Pledges may become full brothers if voted in by membership.  A person becomes a pledge by applying for full membership and if they are accepted into a pledge class for the chapter.



Open to all regardless of race, color, club affiliation or distance. Leasing of associate colors (small insigna) only granted. Yearly fees apply. In person or video interview required. Photo and proof of age required. Yearly fees apply.


Once you've decided to become a member and you've socialized to some degree with our members, you should fill out the application below.  Please complete the application completely and honestly for who you are and your intent in the chapter and organization.

All applicants for membership will undergo a vetting process for membership that includes interviews from select chapter officers and members. 


Applicants to be Pledges for full membership may have limited time periods for application during the year.  This is because pledge must attend and successfully complete a series of pledge classes.  Our pledge process may take 3 to 6 months.


Applications for Associate membership may be taken at any time.

Remember that anyone interested in seeking membership in Onyx Lone Star will have their conduct and behavior observed during social interactions and vetting process and may lead to the to the denial of membership.

However you decide to become a member, make sure to engage, come to events. and have a good time!  If you’re not having a good time you're not doing it right!


If you'd like to apply for membership, please fill out and submit the application below.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Review the form below and think about your responses before submitting your application.

  • Use an editor to compose your longer responses first, then copy and past text into the form below.

  • Find a picture that represents you well and that shows your face.

NOTE:  Applications are currently closed. Please check back often for when we open again.

Apply for Membership
Upload Your Face Picture
Are you a member of another organization?

Thanks for submitting your application!

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