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Advice BEFORE Becoming a Member

Before you apply for membership in this, or any organization, we suggest you learn and explore the organization and what it does.   Here are a few ideas of how you might do that with Onyx Lone Star:

  • Reach out to an Onyx Lone Star member with a proper introduction of your interest in the organization and chapter via social media and or during a local, regional or national event.  Ask questions.​

  • Consider researching Onyx  at the national website, this website, in social media and by asking others.  Check out their prior, present and future goals in the Leather culture.

  • Openly and honestly convey your interest in the chapter, the organization and interests in the Leather culture.

  • Openly and honestly convey (if understood) your personal interest in fetish, kink and BDSM play.  Ask questions.

  • Attend local, regional and national events, when possible, where Onyx Lone Star members are attending or hosting.

  • Have appropriate conversation regarding any questions, concerns or comments regarding the organization, the chapter and/or the culture with its members until you are completely satisfied with the answers.

  • Volunteer to help with the setup and breakdown at events, success of the event outcomes, and/or volunteer to help with fetish demonstrations (demos).

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phil reyna
phil reyna
Oct 10, 2022

I participated on several Dallas Onyx activities in the past. Lost contact during Covid & now all Vacs + 2 MPX. Looking forward to meet like minded good energy fun men. I want to be an active Onyx Member to contribute to growth and fellowship. Max


phil reyna
phil reyna
Oct 10, 2022


this is Max ,Hispanic and live in Irving, Tx. During Covid lost contact with Onyx. Please send me membership information and next meeting time and location. I fully support the mission and purpose of Onyx.

appreciate your reply


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