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Advice BEFORE Becoming a Member

Before you apply for membership in this, or any organization, we suggest you learn and explore the organization and what it does.   Here are a few ideas of how you might do that with Onyx Lone Star:

  • Reach out to an Onyx Lone Star member with a proper introduction of your interest in the organization and chapter via social media and or during a local, regional or national event.  Ask questions.​

  • Consider researching Onyx  at the national website, this website, in social media and by asking others.  Check out their prior, present and future goals in the Leather culture.

  • Openly and honestly convey your interest in the chapter, the organization and interests in the Leather culture.

  • Openly and honestly convey (if understood) your personal interest in fetish, kink and BDSM play.  Ask questions.

  • Attend local, regional and national events, when possible, where Onyx Lone Star members are attending or hosting.

  • Have appropriate conversation regarding any questions, concerns or comments regarding the organization, the chapter and/or the culture with its members until you are completely satisfied with the answers.

  • Volunteer to help with the setup and breakdown at events, success of the event outcomes, and/or volunteer to help with fetish demonstrations (demos).

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