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Find information here that may help you on your Leather Journey.  This area is under development.  Look back later for more!

BLOG - To Educate, Empower, and explore

Check out our various articles and ideas about topics of interest to the Onyx community.

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Suggested Reading​ - Education

Education is one of the primary tenants of Onyx.  Below you will find some book suggestions that will be helpful on your leather journey. Whether you are a seasoned leather man or a fresh faced newcomer, education is the key to success. Click the image for ways to buy. And happy reading.




  • Black & Poly Presents: Leather and Kinky: Navigating BDSM Dynamics in Polyamorous Relationships

   Join us for our next Black & Poly Leadership Live. BPLL is a B&P series that gives our members a chance to experience. The work and education available in the polyamorous community centering Black Polyamorous individuals.

Welcome, Mstrs Choc Trei and Brianna Trei as they present a BDSM-centered educational opportunity

Private Online Event-December 04 2021 @ 2pm CST

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